Model Number: Kensington-s
Maximum Safe Slope: 6 degree
Maximum Climbing Ability: 8 degree
Maximum Obstacle Climbing Ability: 2 in.(50 mm)
Overall Length: 55 in.(139 cm)
Overall Width: 25 in.(63 cm)
Total Weight with Batteries: 270 lbs(123 kgs)
Total Weight Without Batteries: 196 lbs(89 kgs)
Front Axle Weight: 106 lbs(48 kgs)
Rear Axle Weight: 196 lbs(75 kgs)
Battery Weight 50Ah: 33 lbs (15 kgs.) each
Heaviest Price When Disassembled: 52 lbs (23.5 kgs.) each
Turning Raius: 46 in.(116 cm)
Speed (Maximum): 8mph(12.8kph) 9.4mph(15kph) 10.6mph(17kph)
Range Per Charge: 56km/35miles
Ground Clearance: 4.5 in.(11.5 cm)
Weight Capacity: 350 lbs(160 kgs)
Standard SeatingType: Foldable Weight(w/armrests): 44 lbs(20 kgs)
Material: Grey Vinyl
Tyres Type: pneumatic Front and rear: 13 inches
Battery Requirements: Type: two 12 volt, deep cycle, AGM or Gel-cell Size: 50 AH
Battery Charger: off-board 8-amp charger
Drive System: Rear-wheel drive, sealed transaxle,24 volt DC motor
Dual Braking System: Electronic, regenerative, and electromechanical
Kensington-s 4 / 8mph Scooter


Seat offers height adjustment,360 degree rotation, and flip-up armrests for optimal user comfort.
Headlight and taillight for added safety.
Full lighting package including directional signals and angle adjustable
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