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Sock Aid

Flexible plastic sock aid which keeps the sock on the aid until the sock is pulled on to the foot using the pull cords with both hands.

Tights Aid

One piece flexible plastic tights aid which holds the tights in place
until pulled up within easy reach with pull cords.
Sock Aid
£ 3.99
Tights Aid
£ 5.99
Tery Cloth Sock Aid

Flexible plastic sock aid with outer terry cloth and inner nylon lining
Terry Sock Aid
Button Hook

Soft cushioned grip button hook which assists buttoning with one hand
Dressing Stick

Ideal dressing tool for people with limited movement.
Assists in putting on and removing clothing.
Button Hook
£ 9.58
Dressing Stick 69cm
£ 8.50
Standard Reacher

Easy to operate lightweight reacher, with small magnet on the tip
Short 673mm
£ 8.33
Long 825mm
£ 9.16
Folding 673/343mm
£ 8.33
Dressing Aids