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Back rest

Secure and comfortable, this back rest will adjust to a number of positions from a low lying angle to an upright sitting position.
Seven adjustable positions
Extra wide padded cushion for extra comfort
Breathable nylon fabric
Can be used with your own pillows if desired
Maximum user weight 20st (127kg) 

Navy Universal H 60cm W 52cm D 50cm  
Bed wedge

This versatile wedge can be used vertically to prop yourself up in bed, ideal whilst reading or watching television, horizontally whilst lying in bed to support your neck and shoulders or horizontally to support tired legs and feet. Additional cream jacquard velvet fitted covers are available.

PRICE £44.00 (inc VAT) 
Cream Universal L 57cm H 24cm W 55cm  

V shaped pillow

This orthopaedic pillow is filled with a soft fibre providing comfort and support to the neck and shoulder area. It can be used in a bed or on a chair. Additional white cotton covers are available. Supplied with a white cover.
Additional covers available in a variety of colours.

White Universal H 70cm W 90cm  
Batwing Pillow

The batwing posture pillow provides exceptional support with its specially shaped three section design.The lumbar section supports the back and the side sections provide lateral support.
Fitted pillowcase is available separately.
Bed Supports
Batwing pillow
£ 26.99 incl VAT
£ 11.49 incl VAT
V pillow
£ 24.99 incl VAT
£ 11.49 incl VAT
Back rest
£ 30.50 incl VAT
Bed wedge
£ 40.00 incl VAT
Spare cover
£ 18.00 incl VAT