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Bathmaster Deltis
With Blue Covers
£ 415.83
With White Covers
£ 415.83
Optional Swivel transfer seat
£ 92.75
Heavy Duty Deltis/Covers
£ 517.92
Bathmaster Deltis complete with blue Covers

Deltis Deluxe Bathlift - One of the lightest reclining bath lifts available.
Compact frame fits virtually all bath tubs - Latest battery technology ensures high performance.

Bespoke, service free motor gives long term durability - Difficulties getting into and out of the bath are quickly and easily overcome when using the Bathmaster Deltis.
The Bathmaster Deltis is easy to assemble with no technical knowledge required. - The all plastic construction is modern, easy to clean and free from corrosion.
The latest battery technology ensures high performance. The hand controller is small, lightweight and easy to use. It floats for an easy recovery if dropped and the lithium ion batteries provide improved performance and battery life. The Bathmaster Deltis has a compact frame that fits virtually any tub and is one of the lightest reclining bath lifts available. It includes large side flaps and an optional swivel seat that allows easy transfer in and out of the bath. The sturdy motor provides long term durability.The waterproof motor is designed for long term protection against failure or damage. The controller plugs in, preventing damage to leads during transport.

Seat height: 2.75" to 18"
Footprint: 22 x 11.5"
Seat size without side flaps: 19.75 x 14.75"
Seat size with side flaps: 19.75 x 27.25"
Seat weight: 15lbs
Backrest weight: 8lbs
Guarantee: 3 years
Weight capacity: 22st
Heavy duty model: 26.75st

Free local no obligation home demonstration available
Please call 020 8777 8866